Frequently Asked Questions

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How efficient is your checking of vehicle visibility?

Currently it's done by visual checks in person but we are currently developing an app which will allow the advertiser to track their drivers vehicles and see approximate views the vehicle receives.

Why isn't the vinyl included in the cost?

The pricing on vinyl is highly variable and therefore difficult to give an exact price. We could increase the monthly price take the vinyl cost out of this but that would make it less cost effective for long term campaigns.

Can other companies advertise on the same vehicle?

No, a vehicle can only represent one company for the greatest impression and to truly look a part of your fleet.

What if a driver does not fulfill their driving requirements?

The first two months of a drivers payment are held for the duration of their contract as a bond, in case they do not fulfill their contract.
If a driver fails to meet their contractual obligations the bond will be given back to your company.

How much does it cost?

An initial fee for the installation of the wrap, then a monthly fee, starting at $200 a month.

How do I know the drivers are parking in the areas I want?

Mobile Media will check on the locations regularly to confirm whether they are parking in the requested areas with their wraps visible to the public (major cities will have their drivers checked more regularly), if they are not in the locations on multiple occassions the drivers will be contacted and their contract may be ended with their bond being returned to your company. We are currently developing a phone app for you to track the locations of your drivers via GPS.

Are you picking the right people to represent my company?

Drivers will be picked from the requested demographics and then interviewed. At the interview their car will be inspected to make sure it's in visibly good condition to represent your company. If we are happy with the driver we will send information on them along with pictures of their car. Your company then has the option of accepting the driver or not.

Is there a minimum/maximum time I can contract drivers?

There is a minimum time period of two months and no maximum contract time, but the driver must agree to it. Minimum time recommended is three months due to the initial fee of installation costs.

What if I want identical cars to match my fleet?

Cars that match your fleet can be arranged but is more difficult to organise and results in premium set up costs.

How long will it take my advert to be installed and on the road?

Once designed, the wrap will be installed within 3-8 business days.
you'll be notified when it is installed and this will be the start point for your monthly payments.

Where do you operate?

Mobile Media operates in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and Queenstown.