Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the bond?

The bond is your first two months of pay as an assurance to the advertiser in the event of damage occurs to the wrap or you represent them badly. The bond is approximately equivelant to the cost of creating and applying the wrap. The bond will be paid out in full when your contract is completed to a satisfactory standard.

What if I'm uncomfortable with a proposed advertisement?

You will be able to turn down designs you're uncomfortable with before it is placed on your car and you will still be eligible for all other advertisement campaigns in future.

Am I required to do anything other than drive?

You will be representing a company, therefore you must follow all road rules with a road worthy car and portray a positive image of the company. If multiple complaints are made about your car we will review your contract and likely cancel it. Information about the business you are presenting will be given to you in a brochure in case you are asked any questions about the company you're representing.
A company might want you to not be seen using competing companies
A company may want you to attend certain events, a single ticket will be covered by the company and you will be given information of this prior to agreeing on their wrap.

What if my car gets damaged or vandalised?

You must notify Mobile Media within 48 hours of the event. Depending on the amount of damage to the vehicle and/or wrap we will have the wrap fixed. The cost of this will come out of your bond.

What happens when I'm picked?

You will be contacted via email and a phone call. This will then be followed up by an interview. If we feel you suit the role you'll be given a contract for your agreement, your car will be wrapped afterwards.

What if I decide I don't like driving around with the wrap after it has been installed?

You can apply to have the wrap removed by contacting Mobile Media but must keep the wrap on your car for 90 days following the notice. After the 90 days is up, you will have 70% of your bond returned to you, with 30% going to the advertiser as an early cancellation fee.

How will you know if I'm parking in the locations agreed?

The locations will be checked occassionally to make sure the wraps are visible to the public. If on multiple occassions your car is not in the locations agreed on, or your car is not visible to the public, we will contact you.
We understand social lives may result in your car being elsewhere occassionally.

Will the wrap damage my car?

The wrap is an adhesive vinyl and will not cause any damage to your vehicle, it will actually protect it.

How long will it take to be picked?

Being picked is dependent on who businesses want to represent them, as a result it may take a very long time for some people to be picked where as others might be picked quickly. Older sign-ups will be contacted before newer sign-ups.

Will my insurance still cover my vehicle with a wrap on?

Most insurance companies accept it as a modification and cover it with no complicaitons.
It's your responsibility to check whether your insurer will still cover you.

Where do you operate?

Mobile Media operates in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and Queenstown.

What if my details change?

We are currently creating a profile system that will allow you to edit your info.
Currently to change info you must reapply via the sign up form.

Will my information be given out?

All personal information is protected.
We do reserve the right to use demographic information for statistical purposes.

How often/much do I need to drive?

You would be picked based on your driving habits and therefore it's unlikely you'll need to make any changes in your driving.

Where will the wrap be applied and how long will it take?

The wrap will be applied by a local signage company depending on your town.
Installation time will vary depending on size but allow at least two hours.